Program Details

•Type of Program: Transitional, One Location or Indoors
•Optimal Time: 2-3 hours
•Group Size: 6+

Team Building Outcomes

  • Team members learning how to not only contribute ideas as individuals, but also to listen to their team mates and acknowledge their ideas before coming to a group consensus.
  • Recognising each other’s strengths and weaknesses and collaborating together to be successful as a team.
  • Increased creativity levels. Using mind, body and strategy to create processes and solve puzzles successfully.
  • Become decisive as a group. Learn to trust each other and know when you need a leader and when you need everyone to get the job done.
  • Increased communication, particularly between those that wouldn’t normally work together. Assisting people to see skills in others that they may not have experienced before.
  • Learning how to encourage each other and the team as a whole to forge a stronger link between it’s individual members.
  • Understanding that it’s OK to ask for help as this is a TEAM event not an individual one.
  • The art of perseverance. When you think it’s all over having the persistence to keep going as you never know what’s around the corner.

If you have any other ideas for team building outcomes that you would like us to cover, please let us know.

We will take you on a new journey of discovery that will challenge you to locate the hidden treasure that will leave you laden with riches you never expected.

This treasure hunts program is exciting and we are positive that if you are looking for new ideas our creative treasure hunts will give you all the options you need.

Faced with twists and turns, these team building ideas will have your teams challenged like never before to unlock the clues and crack the codes that will lead you to the ultimate prize……. the hidden treasure!??No team is ever made up of one person and you will definitely need all team members to collaborate in order to be successful in finding and correctly deciphering your clues throughout the duration of your Treasure Hunt.??

You may travel long distances or remain right on your doorstep, but whichever way you go, you are sure to battle the seven seas as one tight knit crew.

Finding your treasure may infact be the easy part, but once you get there you may be surprised with what lies ahead. Just when you think you’ve found the key, there is always something just around the corner to test your final resolve.

There are many lessons to be learnt along this journey, both as individuals and as a team. In life we need to know how to contribute as an individual and as a team member and during your Treasure Hunts, everyone will get a chance to be both.

Our treasure hunt team building ideas are designed to give you the flexibility you need. Ultimately we can conduct our treasure hunts wherever you want them to be and we will tailor them to suit your needs.


Our scavenger hunts can be run in all capital cities and can be tailored to suit your needs. We are able to start and finish in any location which gives you plenty of flexibility. To get scavenger hunt team building ideas relevant to your state, please click on your state below:


To find out more about our Treasure Hunt and for pricing, please click the link below and send us an online enquiry with your event details.

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